Death-defying journeys

Great Migrations music video is an unprecedented National Geographic film. It is a unique presentation of the very best footage and spectacular orchestral score of Nat Geo’s Great Migrations television series. The film brings together images from around the world, filmed over three years, resulting in a completely unique, narration-free musical journey around the world. The project is a breathtaking ride on the tailwinds of billions of creatures, which are marching, swimming and flying across the planet on death-defying journeys. Watch it tonight on National Geographic at 10 pm.

Musical legend

It’s a dream come true for Bob Marley fans. For the first time ever, TLC goes behind the scenes of the life of this musical legend and Jamaica’s finest musical export and showcases it on Bob Marley: Freedom Road. Watch his long-time girlfriend and Oscar-nominated actor, Esther Anderson, share exclusive home video footage showing their life together in Jamaica and in their Hope Road home in London. Get an insight into his innermost thoughts and fears by the person, who probably knew him best. So much so that she even helped him write some of his hit records. Catch the show tonight at 10 pm on TLC.

Into the wild

Adventurer Bear Grylls shows how to survive in Scotland’s Cairngorm National Park on Man vs Wild. Half a million people visit to walk in glens or climb the mountains and 30 tourists die here every year. Bear shows how to navigate using ice formations and moss growth, and tests snow slopes for avalanche potential. He uses moss to purify water and skin of a red deer for shelter. For food, he traps and cooks a rabbit. Bear crosses deep marshes, which can swallow a man and uses fallen trees to cross ravines. The show airs on Discovery Channel, on December 21 at 9 pm.

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