We don't make films for Oscars: Shabana Azmi

Azmi, however, is happy that despite their uniqueness, Indian films have managed a global identity.

"Our cinema is different and we don't make films to compete for Oscars but have our own identity in the world," Azmi, who was in the city to participate in a play, told reporters.

A formidable name in parallel cinema, Azmi said, "We are happy with our cinema because we have a huge audience but it is a different audience."

When asked whether Indian films fail to get Oscars because of poor lobbying, Azmi said: "We should not politicise everything. Oscar awards have a different standards and we have different standards."

Asked why songs like 'Munni' and 'Sheila' are doing well, the actress said, "In a democratic system we don't have a right to decide what people want to see or read. The success of films like 'Dabangg' has taught filmmakers that they have been ignoring a large audience base."

Azmi said that the best aspect of her relationship with husband and lyricist Javed Akhtar is that they are very good friends.

"Our relationship is made of equal friendship. Sometimes I joke that marriage has not done much damage to our friendship," she said.

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