JD(S) manifesto compares performances of HDK, BSY

The JD(S) which launched its manifesto for the Zilla and Taluk panchayat (ZP/TP) elections, stopped short of making any promises stating that it was impractical to make any assurances when the party was not in power.

However, the manifesto places an eight-point demand to streamline administration in the three-tier panchayat system in the State. As a priority, the party, which has been releasing documents on the alleged involvement of the Government on land and denotification scams, has sought that the consent of ZP/TPs be made mandatory before land acquisition.

28-page document

In the 28-page manifesto document, the JD(S) has listed the alleged “lapses and misdeeds” of the ruling BJP, besides making a comparative study of the development programmes taken by the H D Kumaraswamy government (2006-07) and the present dispensation.

A comparison has also been made on how the rural development initiatives made by the NDA/UPA governments at the Centre pales in comparison to the efforts made by the H D Deve Gowda regime (1996-97).

The JD(S) has accused the ruling BJP of ruining the economy of the State because of financial mismanagement. The Government was leading the State into financial bankruptcy by going in for borrowing to the tune of Rs 70,000 crore, the JD(S) has alleged.

Other allegations

Besides, the Government has failed to release grants and utilise the amount mentioned in the budget. The party has alleged that of the Rs 40,077 crore grants earmarked in 2009-10 budget, only Rs 27,780 crore has been released.

Speaking after the launch of the manifesto, former prime minister and JD(S) national president H D Deve Gowda said the Governor has the right to question the functioning of the Government. He also took exception to the Hindu conventions being organised across the State when the model code of conduct was in place for the Panchayat polls.

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