Music review

Music review

Shining young musicians

During the last seven days, there were at least three music concerts with performances by up-and-coming artistes, under the banner of different organisations. The careers of these young musicians are worth watching.

Sri Nadajyothi Thyagaraja Swamy Bhajana Sabha in association with Ananya conducted a two-day young musicians’ festival in memory of Vid Mageri Ramachandra.

S Ramani, who gave a vocal concert has been groomed by his parents – Vid Swarna Shankar and Vid S Shankar. He is a MBA graduate and has also won a few prizes in music competitions.

The celebrated varna ‘viriboni’ gave Ramani a flying start. “Vandisuvudadiyali” with brief swara was pleasant and “Balasubrahmanyam” in Surati, was a good choice.

The brief alapana (Mayamalavagowla), Nerval (saraseeruha punnaga) and swara prasthara proved that the vocalist has a commendable grasp over the different facets of a concert and can deliver the goods.

Before the main item of the evening he also sang few fine compositions like – ‘Devi Brova Samayamide’ (Shyama Sastri), ‘Chinthayami Jagadamba’ (Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar) and ‘Anupama gunambudhi, (Tyagaraja), which was well received by the learned audience. He crowned his concert with a raga, thana and pallavi, which suited a ‘Sabha kacheri’, very well.

With his rich and resonant voice and without overdoing anything, he gave a colourful picture of the raga Shanmukhapriya.

S Ramani was supported by three young artistes - Shankar Rajan (violin) who was adequate and though the ‘Tani’ was slightly over stretched and Karthik Rajan and Srinivasa Anantharamaiah (percussion).

Delectable vocal

The Malleswaram Sangeetha Sabha celebrates Hanuman Jayanthi with a young musicians’ festival, every year.

This year both Carnatic and Hindustani music in vocal and flute recitals – were conducted at the Ananya Sabhangana.

A final year BA student, J K Yoga Kirtana, has learnt classical music under P Rama and is receiving advanced training, from Neela Ramagopal.

After opening briskly with a varna, swara for ‘Mahaganapathim’ was evocative.
Compositions in Ranjani and Nagaswaravali – were pleasing.

Purvikalyani alapana for the devaranama “Hanumantha Deva Namo’ was quite captivating.

The sweet resilience in her voice shone further in the elaboration of ‘Ramakatha Sudha’, the well established composition of saint Tyagaraja.

V Kaushik and Chaithanya Murthy accompanied on violin and mridanga respectively, with confidence.

Kartheeka Sangeethotsava

A week-long ‘Kartheeka Sangeethotsava’ was held under the aegis of the Naadaranjani Sangeetha Sabha with flute, veena and sarangi, apart from vocal recitals.

Vasudha Keshav, who gave a vocal concert on Friday is a post-graduate from University of Mysore and is settled in Chennai.

She has performed in leading organisations, both in the country and abroad. On the occasion of Vaikunta Ekadashi she mainly chose songs on ‘Sri Vishnu’ rising to great heights in the exposition of keertanas in Sourashtra (Sri Ranganathude) and Brindavana Saranga (Ranga Puravihara). The Keerthane “Pariyachakama” was an ideal foil for the raga. With a vintage touch and lingering flavour, it caught the attention of the connoisseurs. Vasudha’s gifts to melody, lilt and verve came to her aid in presenting the Kambodhi, the evergreen raga. ‘O Ranga Shayee’ had several aesthetic passages to lend a rich flavour to the dignified melody. Indeed, she deserves more encouragement from our sangeetha sabhas.

Pakal Ramdas (violin) B V S Prasad (mridanga) and S Srisaila (ghata) – lent excellent support to add to the musical appeal.

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