US will be out of Afghanistan by 2014: Biden

"Well, it will not be a token amount, but the degree to which we draw down -- if I can make an analogy to Iran which I've been put in charge of. What happened there?" Biden said in an interview to NBC news.

"We signed three years ago an agreement with the Iraqis saying that what were going to do is -- two summers ago we were going to draw all combat troops out of the cities, populated areas," Biden said.

"Then we said our administration, we're going to draw 100,000 troops out the next summer and we're going to be totally out. In the meantime, we're going to help to build the government," he observed.

"We're going to transfer responsibility and we're going to be gone and that's exactly what we did at the recent Lisbon conference, the NATO conference, where we said we're starting this process just like we did in Iraq."We're starting it in July of 2011 and we're going to be totally out of there, come hell or high water by 2014," Biden said.

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