'Aam aadmi' dies after PM's convoy blocks traffic

'Aam aadmi' dies after PM's convoy blocks traffic

Man suffers cardiac arrest in ambulance near Rajghat

'Aam aadmi' dies after PM's convoy blocks traffic

The family of the 46-year-old victim Anil Jain alleged that he died of heart attack in an ambulance near Rajghat on his way to hospital at 7:15 pm on Sunday night.

His son Deepak alleged that they were stranded in a traffic jam near Rajghat after vehicles were stopped for the prime minister’s cavalcade to pass through.

“We called up Police Control Room. They did not help us. They kept asking where we are. Had we not been stuck in the jam for 15-20 minutes, my father’s life could have been saved,”Deepak told reporters.

His father suffered a heart attack on Sunday and was reportedly turned away from two hospitals where doctors told them they were not equipped to treat him.”We were on our way to another hospital when we got stuck in the block,”Deepak said.

Admitting that traffic restriction was imposed for 10 minutes for the movement of the cavalcade, a senior police officer promised that the matter would be investigated.

The prime minister was returning to his official residence after attending the Congress party plenary session held at Burari in North Delhi. Though he had planned to user helicopter earlier, he was forced to travel by road  as his departure was delayed and choppers cannot take off after dusk.

Third incident

This is the third incident in a year when a patient died stuck in the traffic jam giving way for prime minister's motorcade.

In July this year, the parents of an eight-year-old boy Aman Khan blamed the prime minister for their son’s death.

They alleged that Aman died as they could not take him to a hospital after roadblocks erected during Singh’s visit to Kanpur.

In November last year, a 32-year-old man died at the gate of a hospital in Chandigarh as security for the prime minister’s visit hindered his access to timely medical treatment.