Melodious strains of music

Good mix

Popular: The Glorious Choir.

There was a good mix of their own compositions and popular carols.

Glorious is a popular carol group and most tickets to their concerts are sold out well in advance. The first half of the concert had the choir perform  pre-recorded music.

Among the pieces they sang were: Behold a King, Christmas angels, Have you seen that child, Rejoice Emmanuel, That Lil Baby and Glory to God. A few pieces were strung with choreography as well.

The second half had a good mix of Tamil, Hindi. Malayalam and other popular carols.
The stage was thrown open to anyone who wanted to come and sing from the audience.

A young man volunteered to sing. He began singing White Christmas and was accompanied by the choir.

This was a short skit with music as its base. It entertained the audience with the performer competing to keep pace with the choir.

Another gentleman from the audience came up and sang a Hindi devotional song.
There was a lot of energy in the air.

Those in the audience say that Glorious makes an effort to perform a new theme every year.

The story of the birth of Christ is packaged and depicted in a unique way.

“No two Christmas concerts of Glorious are ever the same. There’s a good blend of new and old carols. I always look forward to the second half of the programme which is more lively with song and dance,” says Adrian John, a singer. Sangeetha Rao, a non Christian makes it a point to attend every concert by Glorious, “They’re a lively group of young men and women. There’s never a dull moment. And there’s nothing exclusively Christian about the group. They sing in all languages which reflects the secular character of the choir,” she says.

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan says he gets a chance to sing along during the popular carol slot which makes it all the more  interesting.

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