City may host pet park soon

Commissioner stresses on the need for people to participate in this

The main collaborating partner, Mars, what with its experience in manufacturing chocolates and dog foods, will bring expertise in management and operational aspects into the park; while infrastructre and seed money will be provided by Corporation.

A public interaction in connection with this was organised at Rani Bahadur Auditorium by MCC here on Monday. In his inaugural speech, MCC Commissioner Raykar said in growing cities like Mysore, such parks can help the pet owners access all kinds of care, in an organised manner, making pet management easier for the owners. “Similar parks are a reality abroad.

But with pet owners increasing in number, there is a need for such a space where one can find doctors, support groups and people with various skill sets to help them maintain their pets better,” he said.

Stressing the need for the participation of citizens in this venture, Raykar said though the initial push will come from MCC and Mars, ultimately, it is the citizens of Mysore who will have to take this further. Clarifying that pet theme park will not be restricted to dogs alone, cats and other pets will also be catered to. “But, in keeping with the fact that majority of people keep dogs for pets, we are developing the park focused on that, and will certainly accommodate others too,” he added.

Dr Pankaj of Mars made a presentation on the basic structure and facilities that will be offered at the Pet Theme Park, that includes swimming pool, sauna, jogging track, dog foods and veterinary services by various experts, training to dogs and other pets too. Along with this, pampering services such as pedicure, manicure, clipping of nails, trimming body hair etc., will be offered as well.

Dr Umesh Kallahalli, with his international expertise on aspects surrounding dogs, explained about management of dogs as pets. “Caring for pets has more health benefits such as reduced stress levels and better monitoring of BP. Scientifically it has been proven that people with pets suffer less trauma and health complications than people who have had none. It is scientifically proven that people with pets are a happier lot,” he added. MCC Deputy Commissioner Dharmappa was also present on the occasion.

Culling of dogs and tourism!

Answering a poser by the participant citizens, MCC Commissioner Raykar said MCC is now working on mass sterilisation of dogs to contain their numbers. “Though Karnataka Municipalities Act does allow killing of dogs only if they are a threat with their infections — more particularly if they are affected by rabies,” he said.

However, though authorities in the past did take to mass culling of dogs despite them having no official permission to do so, they have been issued strict standing instructions not to take such drastic steps.

 Sharing that he received as many as 600 mails from all corners of the world, with people condemning the inhuman act, Raykar said some mails said people from those countries would not ever consider travelling to India or Mysore, in case the culling continued.
“We don’t kill any more dogs now,” the Commissioner said.

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