Multi-service payment machines for Metro users

The pre-programmed machines, according to sources, will help commuters pay a variety of bills on the move.

In case of mobile bill payment or recharge, a customer can do so by selecting the service and the service provider. The user can enter the mobile number and the transaction will take place once the required money is inserted into the machine.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, BMRCL chief public relations officer B L Y Chavan said: “There are a slew of facilities we want to introduce at the Metro stations and terminals to facilitate comfortable travelling, but a decision on many such things will be taken only after the entire phase 1 is completed.”

But BMRCL’s first priority before deciding on any such facility would be security. “One of the companies had proposed installation of cheque-draw boxes at the stations but we had to reject it due to security concerns,” he said. “...It would be hard to detect if something is placed in such boxes.”

However, on the physical security aspects, the corporation and the police are yet to decide on the final roadmap, even after a series of talks. A separate force has been planned for security, but generation of manpower and other details are yet to be worked out.

The BMRCL, which is confident of bringing the train onto the main track this week, has not yet decided on the fares, although it says the fares will be about 1.5 times higher than bus fares.

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