Echoes of high energy


The festival, spread over two days, showcased one of the best upcoming talents in rock music in India playing alongside Swedish metal masters Meshuggah, headliners for the festival.

Day one saw three Bangalore-based rock bands — The Bicycle Days, Slain and Kryptos. The opening act was by The Bicycle Days one of the newest addition to the Bangalore rock fraternity. This young brigade was like a breath of fresh air and enthralled audience with their music.

Paul Dharamraj, their bass guitarist, was exceptionally good and will definitely be a force to reckon in the music circles. Next up was Slain, considered the forerunners in progressive rock. They gave a power-packed performance and had an amazing stage presence. After Slain, came the hot favourites of the City Kryptos. They played Heretic Supreme, Tower of Illusions and Descension, their signature songs, which were a big hit with the crowds. The first day also saw Bhayanak Maut, the Mumbai-based metal band, taking the audience on a trip to remember with their overtly energetic performance. However, the constant request from the audience was ‘volume’! The organisers were forced to lower the sound on the first day due to bureaucratic reasons and had scores of annoyed metal fans demanding an increase in volume. The situation improved when Meshuggah, the most awaited band took centrestage and gave solace to the raging audience with their super-charged performance.

The head bangers of the City got more then what they could ask for on the second day. With the sound issues resolved, they enjoyed the fest to its maximum. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Purified in Blood, the heavily tattooed young turks from Norway set the stage on fire with their high octane performance.

The band members got off the stage to embrace their fans while a crazy fan jumped off the barricade to get on the stage with them and had to be escorted off by bouncers. The audiences were also witness to another high adrenaline performance by TesseracT, a British progressive metal band. The vocalist Dan Tompkins had many admirers in the audience. The final performance was by Enslaved, the legendary extreme metal band from Norway. They charmed the audience with their music that is lyrically influenced by Norse mythology.

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