Polls staff sore over food arrangement


They were trained in handling the Electronic Voting Machines and other poll related works.

Struggle for meals

However, officials who arrived for training from many parts of the district, expressed their serious displeasure over bad food arrangements being made by the district administration.

They claimed that most of them are old and suffering from ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes, acidity. Supplying food at the odd hour affected their health. Besides, they complained about the poor quality of food. The police department has appealed people to inform regarding the supply of liquor and other activities, if they come across in their neighbourhood. The Excise Department has intelligence reports that liquor and illicit hooch may be transported during the polls.


The people can call the following numbers in case they find transporting of liquor - 08272-257666, 9449845017, 9449845065 and 9449845006.

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