Prohibitory order on firearms

The order is not applicable to Central and State Government departments, public sector and other private sector undertakings where fire arm licences are issued to the managements for the purpose of the security with strict directions to the management to ensure that these fire arms are to be used for the purpose for which they have been issued and licences which are issued to retired/servicing officers of armed force,  officers of the central police/state police and para military forces including retired officers, Class-1 and gazetted officers of both Central and State Government.

Individuals seeking exemption from depositing their fire arms in exceptionally deserving cases, can file their applications giving the reasons for seeking exemption before the Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City on or before Dec 22.

The licence holders who deposit their weapons can approach the jurisdictional police after one week from January 5 to take back their weapons under proper acknowledgement.

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