Prithvi test-firing successful

Prithvi test-firing successful

Second time N-capable missiles tested within an hour

Prithvi test-firing successful

According to ITR officials, the first missile was test-fired from a mobile launcher parked in the launch pad number three of the premier missile testing centre at 8:15 am.

Subsequently, another similar missile was test-launched from the same launch pad around 9:15 am. The test launch was successful both times.

“The missiles equipped with state of the art guidance system reached the specific targets with very high degree of accuracy. All the radars, electro-optical tracking systems and telemetry stations along the coast monitored all the trajectory parameters of the vehicle throughout the mission. A ship located near the target also witnessed the final event,” said S P Dash, the Director of the Chandipur ITR.

This is the second time two Prithvi missiles were flight tested successfully within a gap of one hour, Dash added. Prithvi is a liquid propelled twin engine missile which has the capability to hit a target at a distance of 350 km carrying both conventional as well as nuclear warheads up to 500 kg.

Crucial test

Though the short range missile has already been inducted into the Indian armed forces, Wednesday’s test was crucial as a similar test firing of the missile in September this year had turned into a damp squib with the missile nose diving into the ground just a few seconds after its take off.

Wednesday’s successful test firing was carried out by the Strategic Force Command of the Indian armed forces as part of its regular exercise with assistance from missile scientists from the DRDO.