Armed woman interrupts TV newscast in US

Armed woman interrupts TV newscast in US

However, no one has been injured in the incident in North Carolina, ABC Charlotte affiliate 'WSOC-TV' said.

After a brief standoff with a police special team that surrounded the building of the TV station, the woman was arrested. 'ABC News' said she had pulled out a gun and put it to her head though police later learned the gun wasn't loaded.

The station went black during the incident at 5 PM but was back on air an hour later; employees were evacuated to the back section of a parking lot during the incident, 'The Daily Telegraph' online reported.

"Not on air. Distraught woman with gun in lobby. Police have building surrounded. Employees evacuated," WSOC-TV anchor Blair Miller said in a message on the 'Twitter' site, from inside the station.

Local police chief Rodney Monroe told WBTV that the woman threatened the receptionist and herself while they were barricaded in the building. Although police initially said the woman had fired at least one shot, Monroe later said no shots had been fired.