Biennial supply chain management conference from Jan 7

Biennial supply chain management conference from Jan 7

The theme for the two-day conference is "Opportunities and Challenges in Services Supply Chain" and it is jointly organised by IIMB's EADS-SMI Chair for Sourcing and Supply Management and the Supply Chain Management Centre, the premier business school today said in a statement.

"The conference provides an opportunity for professionals in the industry and academia to come together and share their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the problems and challenges in managing service supply chains," it added.

The Conference aims to present current research and ideas in the broad area of supply chain management and service supply chain management and make it accessible to both academics and industry practitioners.

"We believe that service businesses can benefit by applying principles of supply chain management to their processes," Conference Chairman and IIMB Chair Professor EADS-SMI Endowed Chair for Sourcing and Supply Management Devanath Tirupati said.

"Due to inherent complexities, the services sector needs a lot more attention, investment and effort on innovative theories, methods and solutions. The Conference aims to stimulate research interest in services supply chains within the broad context of supply chain management," he added.

More than 50 authors from UK, China, Iran and Asia Pacific, representing both academia and industry would present their work in the field of Supply Chain Management.There would also be an exclusive session where knowledge and experience sharing papers would be presented by participants from the industry, the statement added.