Glamorous woman spy to join Russian party

Glamorous woman spy to join Russian party

The Independent reported that Chapman, who ran a real estate business in New York as a cover for her real role in Russia's foreign intelligence service, will be unveiled at the annual conference of the Young Guard.

Since her deportation, Chapman was the only one of the 10 spies to maintain a high public profile. The media report said she has posed for suggestive photoshoots for men's magazines and there were rumours that she has found work as an adviser in a Russian bank.

The spy's former lovers have revealed that Chapman’s secret weapon was sex and she was expert at using her femininity to seduce her prey.

Another report, which appeared after the 28-year-old flame-haired woman was deported to Russia in July as part of a swap deal, said three men who had run-ins with her spoke to Details magazine about the spy who entranced them using sex.

“She was an expert at using her femininity to get information,” model Dennis Hirdt, who claims he never went past the flirtatious texting stage with Chapman, told the magazine.
“Little hand touches. Whispers. Maybe putting a hand on the cheek, or maybe ‘by accident’ lips rubbing against an earlobe.”

Bill Staniford, the CEO of an online real estate company, said Chapman also had a way of entering a room that seemed to turn even the most focused businessman into a lovesick teenager.

“She knocked me out. There was something about her - I think it might have been the red hair, or the way she walked, or her body.

"I was immediately like, ‘My game’s f****d. I can’t focus on anything.’ It’s like ‘mwah mwah mwah.’ She kept on talking and I just kept on staring at her,” said Staniford.