Bhatti's spoof: Santa, give onions as Christmas gift

Bhatti's spoof: Santa, give onions as Christmas gift

"Common man will be much happier getting onions as gifts as the skyrocketing price of the vegetable has made it unaffordable for public," he said while buying the vegetable along with the Santas at a market here.

"Though, of course, we would be able to gift a very small sized onion to only a limited number of families," he said.

He appealed to all Santa Claus' to hide onions in ladies purses and stockings hung in homes to spread happiness during the Christmas.

He also appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to get himself into the Santa costume and start delivering onions to common man.

Explaining how he was able to buy the onions at such an "exorbitant price", he said, "We have got funds from those involved in big scams like 2G allocation and others. You will get to know about the funding agencies through Wikileaks shortly."