Be a brand of human values

Be a brand of human values

Nobody wants to be the odd man out. Affordability quotient has taken a back seat. It does matter to which economic rung of the ladder they belong to.

The obstinate, adolescent mind will not settle for anything else except the best in the market. Blame it on extensive advertising, peer pressure, globalization or the IT boom in the recent years before the recession set in.

Much as our youth might like to use branded items, it is a fact that many of them cannot afford them. Nevertheless this issue has been countered with a dubious solution.

Shrewd entrepreneurs release duplicate items with a slightly corrupted spelling or simply manufacture renowned labels and fix them on products and sell the goods at lower prices.

Ironically there are enough takers for the spurious goods and the sellers thrive on the ill-gotten profits much to the chagrin of the businessmen who deal with the genuine goods!

It is obvious that when people buy branded goods, whether they are items or food, clothing or accessories they feel secure about the quality and the safety standards of the products though they are priced a little highly!

If the duplicators are confident about the value of their products in terms of superiority and security, there should really be no reason for these manufacturers to hide behind the skirts of big brands!

They could float their product into the market on the steam of the merit of the product! Initially, there might be a couple of teething problems but they will eventually thrive if they prove themselves worthy.

If man-made products can achieve brand status, is it difficult for man to project a brand value.

Mythology and history have proven to us that people can become brands of intrinsic human values by working hard at them. If Harishchandra, Rama and Gandhiji stood for Truth, Jesus, Buddha and Mother Teresa stood for compassion, King Solomon, Aristotle and Tagore stood for wisdom; Karna stood for generosity and the list could go on and is well worth emulating!