Santa's real X'Mas Gift!

Santa Claus was on his run while he was distributing his presents.

 When he saw that Ellulia had everything she wanted he thought he would give her an everlasting present, a brother! The next day that was 26th December Ellulia’s mother gave birth to a small baby boy whom they named Ellan.

Ellulia didn’t understand that her brother was her Christmas gift. So she was really very depressed.

Her friends had got such wonderful gifts in their stockings such as dolls, chocolates etc; but Ellulia’s stockings were empty. New year eve was wonderful. Ellulia did have wonderful times with Ellan.

Every year Ellulia and Ellan didn’t get any Christmas gifts.

Ellulia now hated Santa but Ellan was quite happy with whatever he had but did have pity on seeing Ellulia cry every Christmas. Many Christmas gifts of her friends were either ruined or thrown away but Ellulia’s was just perfect.Santa was now fed up of Ellulia being so greedy, so he thought that it was time that he revealed the secret of Ellan being her present.

The same year during Christmas he sent her a dress pinned up with the message.
During Christmas when Ellulia opened her gift with delight she saw a pretty dress and read the letter. Heartbroken she took back the words about Santa that she had said earlier, she also hugged Ellan who looked puzzled, now she was quite embrassed about asking for a gift.

So she rushed outside her house when she saw a poor girl of her age dressed in rags. Ellulia proudly handed over her gift to the girl. She also understood true Christmas was all about sharing and loving. Ellulia giving a wink she said “Santa who gives you your presents?!”

Swathi Kannan
VI ‘H’
Delhi Public School-North

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