Heritage city freezeth over...

City experiences coldest night in 117 years

“Really? I didn’t realise it even when I was riding home at 11 pm after my night shift,” said Manoj Mattihalli (24), working at a BPO in Hebbal Industrial area. Many people Deccan Herald spoke to, echoed his opinion, stressing on the fact that they didn’t experience anything too ‘unusual’ on Wednesday night. “Yes, it was stone cold. But, I wouldn’t think it was that bad,” said Ganesh Aradhya, a businessman who travelled back to Mysore on his two-wheeler from the nearby T Narasipura, at around 10.30 pm.  Home maker Sharada Ramaswamy, residing in Jayalakshmipuram, said the drop in temperature was rather unusual. “I don’t know if I have seen Mysore being this cold in the past.

This year especially, owing to periodical rains, which was rather an uncommon phenomenon, city did grow progressively cold,” says the grand mother, who is awaiting her grand children’s arrival from Bangalore for Christmas holidays.

A resident of Mysore after her marriage over 50 years ago, Sharada felt Mysore was much better during December, as compared to Bangalore. “But, last few days have been terrible. My arthritis getting worse is the biggest biological indicator about dropping levels of mercury,” she says. While some explained why they didn’t feel ‘cold on the surface of skin, but teeth rattled owing to its intensity’ leaving them amused, some have been busy taking out woollens for the days ahead.

Though the Department of Meteorology did indicate that the temperature will return to its normalcy at 11 degree celsius in a day or two, people want to be on their guard. “I better buy thermals and new sweaters. You never know when it can go from bad to worse,” said Rasika, an SSLC student who does not want to fall ill and lose out on school days.

While the severe cold wave phenomenon continues to freeze the city, it has given a perfect excuse for those who want to sleep for longer hours. Silver lining in the cold wave phenomenon has been — delay in sunrise time by a good 36 minutes (at 6.36 am as against 6 am), making nights longer than usual.

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