'Corrupt BJP govt will fall within six months'

Kumaraswamy says state government is insensitive to peoples problems

Addressing a meeting of JD(S) activists at the Old Bus Stand in Chikkaballapur on Wednesday, Kumaraswamy called upon the people to vote the JD(S) to power so that it may ‘give a fitting reply to the BJP government’.

Unaware of problems

“The BJP government is completely unaware of the problems faced by the common people nor does it understand the grievance of the farmers,” he said at the meeting in the backdrop of panchayat elections in the district on December 26.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa claimed that the sarees he distributed cost Rs 210 each. “When the sarees were sent to a saree manufacturing company in Surat in Gujarat to confirm the Chief Minister’s claim, it was found that the sarees were worth no more than Rs 110 and of extremely poor quality,” said Kumaraswamy and criticised, “Yeddyurappa has cheated the people even in the process of buying and distributing sarees. He therefore is not ethically fit to continue as the chief minister.”

Misplaced credit

Recollecting the period when he led a coalition government along with the BJP, Kumaraswamy said the present government was only carrying on projects envisioned during the JD(S) rule.

“They have brought nothing new. Although almost every project is the brainchild of the JD(S), Yeddyurappa is presenting them as those of the BJP government,” he said, with dissatisfaction.

Kumaraswamy said the coalition government had come up with several plans for the overall development of Chikkaballapur district. The Jakkalamadugu project to relieve the people of the drinking water problem, supply of water to every household and work on underground drains were some of the projects the government had decided to implement.

“The BJP government is wasting time making promises. It is not utilising the time to work on projects,” he accused.


“The BJP government, which is loaded down with the land scams, accusations of injustice and illegalities, will not survive much longer. Its rule will end within the next six months,” Kumaraswamy declared and advised all JD(S) leaders and workers to be ready for a Vidhana Sabha election.

MLA K P Bachegowda, JD(S) leaders K T Narayanaswamy, Y S Ramaiah and others were present for the meeting.

‘I am waging a lone battle’

Claiming that is fighting a lone battle to dethrone the corrupt BJP government and bring to light the scams it is involved in, Kumaraswamy requested help from the people.
“I am fighting for the farmers and the poor people and aim to ensure justice for everybody. I require your protection and support to succeed in my venture,” he told the people gathered at the meeting.

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