Sad day for Indian democracy: Sen's wife

"I don't agree with this judgment at all. One who has worked for the poor of the country for 30 years, if that person is found guilty of sedition activities and conspiracy - when gangsters and scamsters are walking free - I think it's a scandalous situation," Elina Sen told reporters.

District and Sessions Judge B.P. Varma found Sen guilty on a variety of counts and also under the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act.

Sen, a doctor, was arrested in 2007 from Bilaspur for alleged links with Maoist ideologue Narayan Sanyal but was released in May 2009 at the behest of the Supreme Court.

"I am sad at the judgment. I am sad because my daughters and I and my husband will have to fight another long legal battle and I don't how long will this be. But I am even more sad for the state of Indian democracy," Elina said.

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