Choose cosmetics with care

Choose cosmetics with care


Choose cosmetics with care

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION Use lip gloss over lipstick for shiny, fuller lips.

There is more than one element of colour, shine and sparkle in your make-up kitty. Starting with the eyes to the lips, here’s a list of products you may want to include to achieve different looks for different moods and occasions.


The base for an eye shadow usually comes in a tube. This makes it easier to spread the colour over the eyelids. Eye-shadow powders are better than creams as the latter tends to run and get stuck in creases when you perspire. Buy one or two prominent shades and a pale one to act as the highlighter. A fat, black pencil is an important part of eye make-up. Kaajal or kohl helps define eyelids, eyes and eyebrows. Mascaras are either plain or come with with glitter particles. Particles give create an ‘extra-length’ illusion. The eyebrow pencil colour should be a shade lighter than your hair.


Pre-foundation liquid: Glycerin is used as a moisturiser before contouring. Colour correctors are liquids you apply to your skin prior to the foundation. Colour correctors even out skin tone.

Foundation: Basic or overall foundation comes in either a moisturising variety for dry skin, or water-based variety for oily skin. The water-based foundation won’t cake around wrinkles or laugh lines on a humid day. So, it is best to stick to a water-based product.

Concealer cream: Concealers that come in a bottle with a brush or sponge are easier to apply than concealers sold in a tube. The concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Note: The yellow concealer, sometimes referred to as ‘mellow yellow’, is used to cover red blemishes or enlarged capillaries. Dab your face lightly with a yellow concealer before applying the basic foundation cream.

Powders: Baby powders absorb liquids and set the make-up. Translucent powder comes in loose packets or compressed compacts. The loose variety offers better setting when used on a foundation. Some even come with glitter.

Blushers: Colour washes are relatively new to the cosmetics market in India. Colour washes work like diluted rouge and can bring forth a natural look. Blush powders perk up your complexion. They also make a great substitute for foundation creams. You will need three kinds of blushers — a dark blusher, a bright blusher and a pale one, for blending. These powders are usually pressed into compacts. The colours should be matched to skin tone.

Lips don’t lie

Lip colours: A flesh-coloured lip pencil offers a transparent yet strong definition to the lips. Lipsticks must preferably be matched to the colour of the lips. Use lip gloss over lipstick for shiny, fuller lips.

Inside your make-up kit

*Tweezers: Get slant-edged or pointed ones;  avoid flat-edged ones as they tend to pluck more than just one strand.

*Eyelash curler

*Two pencil sharpeners: one large enough for fat shadow pencils and a small one for lip pencils


*1/8-inch flat artist’s brush (measured by width for blending)

*Two ¼-inch flat artist’s brushes (for blending around the eyes)

*Four dry-powder shadow brushes (a narrow one for each colour you might use)

*Small, rounded paintbrush (pick the one with soft sable bristles for work on the eyelids)

*Large powder brush

*Three soft cosmetic blush brushes (a small, tapered contour brush for specific spots and two regular-sized brushes)

*Slant-edged lip brushes (two with stiff bristles)

*A hand towel

*Bottle of sterile alcohol (for cleaning tools at least once a week)


*Petroleum jelly