SRK introduces new friends to Karan

SRK introduces new friends to Karan

Guess who were as big a hit as Shah Rukh Khan with the people in San Francisco recently? It’s arguably difficult for any entertainer to be as popular as SRK, but the ones who achieved this impossible feat were two green flubber-like figures — Chow and Mouw. Even in a tourist spot like SF, it was these two guys who were the centre of attraction, with people clicking pictures with them and looking at them awestruck.

Chow and Mouw were hunting for their friend Shah Rukh Khan. Though stopped by the security personnel, Chow and Mouw made it to the sets of My Name Is Khan, and it was only after yelling for SRK, that they got to see him. They were even introduced by SRK as his friends from India.

Chow and Mouw gifted him something that was first confiscated by the security guys thinking it was a suspicious object. Then when SRK opened the gift, there was a switch in the box, which SRK had to hit. Something blew out of the box over Golden Gate Bridge and reached the sky! It was the green lava-like brand new logo of an electronics brand.

SRK got so elated that he immediately took his friends inside the shooting area and started introducing them to all his unit members. And soon, SRK introduced them to his friend and director of My Name is Khan, Karan Johar as well. Karan found them, especially Mouw, very cute and gave him a big hug.

Says SRK, “Knowing Karan and his professionalism, he was not in favour to allow my two new buddies on the sets of My Name Is Khan, simply because he didn’t want to break his concentration. I wanted to introduce them, but he was in no mood. Finally he was convinced when he saw them during the lunch break. They are too cute. Now, Karan is constantly playing with Chow and Mouw and we are waiting for him on the sets.”

Meanwhile Karan adds “Trust Shah Rukh to drive me crazy the whole day saying that he would introduce me to his new pals from India. And I thought ‘Oh my god. It must be one of those fans who goes gaga and would want to hang around in the sets.’ He has done this in the past as he knows I get irritated but I was so amused to see Chow and Mouw, they are like two little soft toys.” Not just in SF, but Chow and Mouw have also become extremely popular in India as well. SRK is also confident of them both being loved by everyone, as he rightly says,

“I am confident, my best friends Chow and Mouw will be loved by all and they are sure to capture millions of hearts and create smiles across the world.” And right enough they do, as their creation itself is all about positive energies and overcoming difficulties with unity. So, well, other than their cute looks and well-meaning nature, they teach a thing or two too.

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