KPSC assignment leaves ISEC prof out in the cold

Just five months later, ISEC has terminated his services.

Soon after his appointment, Mahadev, an associate professor, requested the ISEC to relieve him temporarily from the post he held so that he can function as the member of KPSC. The board of governors of the institute relieved him from services for good, denying him a return to the institute after completing his six years term in the commission.

Faculty members in ISEC superannuate at the age of 62. At 49, Mahadev has 13 years of service left.

As ISEC considered his appointment to KPSC, a constitutional body,  reason enough to treat him ‘deemed to have retired’ from the services of Institute, Mahadev can’t go back to the institute after completion of six years of service, thus losing service of seven years.
In his letter dated August 24 this year to ISEC director, Mahadev asked that he be relieved, requesting for a suitable position in the institute after completion of his term in the commission.

Director R S Deshpande replied that the governors of the institute that met on on September 4 and resolved that as per the provision of the Section 4(2) of KPSC Act, he has been treated as deemed to have retired.

The section says: “A member who on the date of his appointment to the commission, was in service of the Central or State Government shall be deemed to have retired from such service with effect from the date of his appointment as member of the commission”.

Further, the letter said his request for a suitable post could not be accepted as it was not possible under the existing rules of the Institute.

Mahadev argued that the provision cited by the director refers to employees of the state government or the union government. He was faculty of ISEC, which is neither a state government nor a union government institution. ISEC is an institute registered as a society under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.

When contacted, Deshpande said the ISEC had taken the decision as per the provision under KPSC Act. When his attention was drawn to Mahadev’s contention that as employee of ISEC, he did not contravene the provision, Deshpande said: “It was the decision taken by the board of governors of the ISEC”. Mahadev said that in the past scholars from ISEC occupied many positions in different agencies and returned to the institute later. Prof G Thimmaiah, noted economist, was special economic advisor to the State Government and served as member of the Planning Commission in Government of India. On completion of his tenure, he returned to ISEC.

Similarly, Prof Mahendra Dev served as member in Agriculture Prices Commission (GOI) and returned to the institute. At present Prof K V Raju has been on deputation to serve as economic advisor to the chief minister.

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