Whose idea was it, anyway?

Raj Bhavan Road 2-way idea was never to become a reality, according to Palike Commissioner

The Engineering Division of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike had said that the stretch was all set to become two-way to accommodate the traffic towards Bengaluru International Airport.

The idea was endorsed on the ground that it would help commuters.

According to the Engineering Department, the road-widening project from the Sophia’s School was part of the larger project to increase width of a six-km stretch between Raj Bhavan and Hebbal. It was contended that by maintaining a two-way, the traffic movement would be signal-free and smooth flowing.

Not aware

However, Palike commissioner Siddaiah said he did not know the origin of the concept. “Our job stops at widening the road. The traffic movement, whether to make it two-way or retain as it is, is left to the Traffic police,” he said.

According to the Traffic Police, two-way traffic on Raj Bhavan would lead to chaos. A traffic personnel said no such proposal has been sent to them. The Palike officers, on their part, were unable to clarify on the vehicular traffic from Hotel Chalukya and on the other side from Millers Road joining the same junction.

“We are yet to device a plan to sort that matter out. We will consult our traffic engineering cell before arriving at a plan to address that problem,” said an officer. 

Doubled even more

Currently, the Passenger Car unit (PCU) at the stretch between the two junctions is estimated at 7,000 vehicles per hour. If made two-way, the PCU will be at the least doubled or even more.

Speaking to the media, Chairman for the Standing Committee on Major Works, H Ravindra said the matter will be sorted out after scheduling a meeting with the Engineering Department.

It is learnt that the project was finalised by the outgoing Engineer-in-Chief, A K Gopalswamy who retires on December 31.

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