Yearender: New technology gave consumer durables a new face

It happened this year, so did other new technology products in the durables segment.
Looking back, 2010 was a year which made old bags like the black and white, and cathode ray tube television (CRTV) belong to an ancient era as the likes of 3D and high definition made their way to eminence.

The year saw companies betting big on the High Definition Television (HDTV) with leading players including LG, Samsung, Onida and Sony expanding the market by launching LCD and LED TVs on the platform. As if this wasn't enough, most of them launched 3D television in India, with Samsung taking the first step to introduce it in India earlier this year with prices ranging between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 4 lakh.

The companies, however, are still apprehensive of the growth of 3D television in India saying that the market is too nascent and there are negligible contents for it.

"While there have been too much hype of the 3D television, it is only a technological demonstration platform. It will take some time to reach the consumers as there are no contents and software is not applicable...," Akai India Managing Director Pranay Dhabai told PTI.

He said the firm's focus in India at present is to drive growth of LCD and LED in the country.

Besides, other home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines were not behind. As the silent direct drive technology made its presence felt, the noisy washing machines took a back seat. It was companies like LG that pushed forward the new technology.

In order to hardsell their new products, leading multinational companies including LG, Samsung and Haier decided to rope in brand ambassadors for the first time, hiring the likes of Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham.

Consumers were indeed charmed by the star power and many of them upgraded to flat panel televisions from the normal CRTVs while LEDs and LCDs TVs witnessing a growth of around 100 per cent.

"The year 2010 for consumer durable industry witnessed upcoming trends in the market with advanced and smart technologies for consumers. The consumer trend has shifted towards premium, digital, big size and aesthetics," Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) said

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