Edinburgh's 'Prince Charming' proposes to girlfriend onstage

Ewan McCabe proposed to girlfriend Louisa Cheney onstage — dressed as Prince Charming. And was delighted to hear the woman he calls Princess say “yes”. The audience cheered as he slipped the ring on to her shaking finger.

McCabe, 29, a computer technician for the council, had secretly asked her father for Louisa’s hand earlier this week. The couple, which stays in Danderhall, met 11 months ago on a blind date.

“I drive a little smart car, and meet up with other drivers occasionally. At one of them, I was talking about my lack of a partner and one of my friends there set me up on a blind date with Louisa,” the Scotsman quoted him as saying.

“One of the first films we watched together was Ever After, which is a modern fairytale, and since then I’ve called her my Princess. I even got her a specially-made glass slipper for her birthday, so this was the perfect way to propose.”

“I still can’t believe he did this, or that he actually dressed as a prince. Saying that, I did think he was up to something.

“My mum bought me this dress for Christmas and said you should wear this tonight, so I was slightly suspicious. It’s just as well I didn’t wear jeans and a fleece or something,” Louisa said.

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