Before tying the knot!

Before tying the knot!


Before tying the knot!

INTERESTING Youngsters find marriage portals a good way to pass time.

Marriage portals are gaining such popularity that even orthodox parents are posting the profile of their children on various community-based matrimonial sites.

Though the profile registration can be done free of cost on these portals, one has to become a paid member to get personalised services such as contact numbers, address details and other services.

One, who is not a paid member, can also look into the biodata of other members and express his or her interest.

Because of these features, marriage portals have become popular and are also considered safe for pre-marriage analysis.

“When I had to find a suitable boy for my daughter who is a dentist, I looked at the marriage portals to check the availability of practising doctors in our community. I was surprised to know that they were plenty. Without any delay, I took the help of my relatives and friends to look for the right match,” says Mahendra Upadhya, a retired teacher.

For some people, searching through matrimonial sites is an interesting activity to kill time.

“I have my profile on many of those portals. However, I am not seriously contemplating marriage as of now. But I do express my interest in certain people’s biodata. But it is not just me, there are many others who kill time browsing these sites,” laughs Sharan, a software developer.

Most of the people who have their profile on these sites never update them or become paid members.

“Everyday, I find many people expressing their interest in my profile. But I don’t have any intention of updating my membership to get the contact numbers of people I am interested in. Let the other person pay and contact me. I feel proud when people show their interest in my biodata,” says Girish, an accountant.

And then there are people who create a fake profile in order to date or for fun.
“My friend had a fake profile or a ‘dating profile’, as it is popularly called on a marriage portal. He got the contact numbers of two girls, who were paid members, and started interacting with one of them. But somehow the site owners found out that the profile was fake. After a background check, the profile was removed from the site. The girl was also warned. To create any profile, the portal should ask for some proof or genuine documents to stop any misuse,” says Nagaraja Vaidhya.