Time for reconciliation

Those gathered were dressed for the occasion – all bright and colourful and they generously helped themselves to sweets and goodies that were being passed around and spent silent moments in prayer as well.

The centre had put together a special service for the poor, orphans, sick, the widows, visually impaired and the young people.

In addition to popular Christmas carols, a 250- member choir sang a few Christmas song such as Alelulia, Immanuel, Christmas Nalile, and other carols that spoke of the birth of Christ.

There was a special dance put together by the members of the church. There was also a dance-drama by a group of kids titled, Anbe. It was evident that the children had practiced long and hard for they danced to perfection with not a step out of place. An audio CD titled, Paraloga Devaney with eleven songs was released on the occasion.

People gathered were more than just excited. Monisha, a class seven student said, “I’m very happy to be here. God has been gracious and I intend to use this occasion to thank him. I also hope to make this Christmas a special occasion by surprising my parents with a special gift.”

Poornima, a home-maker said that events like this help her to develop a positive outlook towards life.

Valermathy, who was also present at the congregation said, “I have been coming here for the last eight years and this service has helped me overcome troubled times
with ease.”

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