Misty morning, dew-drenched greens, chilly winds and shivering teens

Misty morning, dew-drenched greens, chilly winds and shivering teens

Misty morning, dew-drenched greens, chilly winds and shivering teens

he beautiful duet presented by the sunrays trying to penetrate through the cloudy skies of Chikkaballapur, joined by the light breeze spreading chill in the entire region on an early Friday morning, beheld the spectators in awe.

It was past 8 am. But the performance deceived the spectators wondering if it was just 5 am. Motorists had to depend on the headlights of their vehicles to navigate on the fog-filled roads to reach their destinations.

People dared not to open their mouths, lest others misunderstood them if they were ‘smoking’ in the early hours. A blanket of fog fell on the mountains and greens producing a picturesque scene.

Those who wanted to enjoy the morning walk, wrapped themselves in woollies. They dressed up themselves in mufflers, overcoats, gloves, caps, socks and shoes.

Cuppa tea
The aroma of fresh steaming cuppa tea from the roadside kiosks and teastalls filled the air, enamouring the passersby. Soaking buns and biscuits in piping hot tea, the revellers of the misty morning rested on wooden stools and benches on the footpaths and roadsides, gazing lazily at the busy bees.

While schoolchildren, officegoers, labourers and youth fought the chilly morning to rush to their respective destinations, the newspaper boys were returning back after completing their task of distributing newspapers.

Some people had even garnered bits of wood, paper, branches and created bonfires to warm themselves up. This reminds one of the camp fires held during picnics and outings. As people encircled around the fire warming themselves their feet and hand, some tried to seed additional resort in beedis and cigarettes.

‘Missing’ Nandi Hills
The pride of Chikkaballapur - the Nandi Hills - went ‘missing’ from its spot. The range of hills along with the Nandi Hills also went missing. It looked as if somebody had spelled magic to make the hilly range disappear. A close look and one could realise that the hills are engulfed below a blanket of fog. Taking a lovely snooze below the blanket, the hills were awaiting for the sun to pull over the blanket.

Dew drops of flowers and leaves let in a fresh lease of life. Shrubs and trees looked resplendent with mist settled on them in the form of water drops. It looked as though the greens had just had a bath in the just stopped rains. While the chirpy birds made wonderful notes from their nests, eagerly waiting for the sunlight.

It is this part of the year when the entire region gets converted itself into a hill station. Often people wish that the same should continue on, trying to freeze the moments in their memories.

It is only a matter of fact to realise that once the sun triumphed over the clouds, the day would be as normal as any other.