Macho cop fires, injures 2

Sub-Inspector Suresh Yalloor and eight constables from Hubli who were deputed on election duty here, were at the Sharavathi backwaters of Tumari to visit the Sigandhooreshwari temple.

After alighting from the barge, they negotiated with a jeep owner to take them to the temple. A verbal duel ensued over the fare the policemen were charged. When other jeep owners intervened in support of their colleague, Suresh beat up two of them and refusing to pay the jeep owner, got into the barge.

When the jeep owners insisted on being paid, Suresh took out his service revolver and fired two shots in the ground to scare them off, eyewitnesses said.

One of them hit the ground, ricocheted and along with splinters of rock hit Ramappa in his thigh and chest. The other bullet recoiled and the splinters hit Seenappa in his chest and head.

Both men were admitted to the hospital at Tumari and are out of danger.The Grama Panchayat members and local residents, however, surrounded the barge and protested vociferously at the highhanded behaviour of the police officer.

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