Living infant declared dead, saved from pyre

The baby was saved when his uncle noticed movements minutes before the pyre was lit. His father said Tuesday that a police complaint has been filed against the hospital.

The baby was born premature and was admitted to Babylon Hospital in Sirsa a few days back. The doctors declared him dead Saturday.

"I took my son's body to the cremation ground; but suddenly my brother noticed some movements in his limbs. I immediately took him to another private hospital, where doctors found him alive. His condition is now stable," said Vinod Kumar, the baby's father, Tuesday.

He added: "I want to teach a lesson to the errant staff of the hospital. They were so negligent to declare my son dead. I want the cancellation of hospital's licence and strict action taken against the guilty doctors. I have filed a police complaint and very soon I will also meet the deputy commissioner of Sirsa."

However, police said that they have not received any complaint yet in this regard.

"So far, we have not received any complaint. This is a serious issue; if we get any complaint then strict action will be taken against the hospital," a senior police official here said Tuesday.

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