Rao threatens of agitation on issue of withdrawal of cases

"The MPs are reflecting the mood of Telangana people. They made all efforts during the last one year to get the police cases withdrawn and as a last resort they began the fast. If all the cases are not withdrawn by evening, we will start an agitation that will bring Telangana to a standstill," he said.

He was speaking after meeting the Congress MPs, who launched a fast yesterday demanding that the cases against students during last year's Telangana agitation be withdrawn.

"Party affiliations doesn't matter when it comes to highlighting the cause of Telangana," he said. "If the MPs are not cared for, what about common people in Telangana?" he asked.

He also told the Congress MPs to continue their fast until the government accepts their demand for withdrawal of cases.

He also appreciated the MPs for saying that they will quit their posts if the steps are not taken for immediate formation of a separate Telangana state.

Rao said he does not subscribe to the views that the fasting MPs have defied the Congress High command.

"They have been requesting the high command and centre for withdrawal of cases. How can it amount to defying the high command? If the Congress MLAs call on Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is it not party indiscipline?" he asked.

Congress Rajya Sabha member K Kesava Rao said they will not withdraw their fast until all the police cases are withdrawn.

Echoing Rao's comments, he said all leaders should fight unitedly on issues concerning Telangana.

Congress MP S Satyanarayana suggested that TRS President and the MPs work together. Rao replied in the affirmative to the suggestion.

Several pro-Telangana groups including, Osmania University students and lawyers also expressed solidarity with the fasting MPs.

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