Plucking the strings with ease

Plucking the strings with ease


Plucking the strings with ease


When Marc Rossier, the ace guitarist from Switzerland performed in the City recently, the audience could not control their excitement and kept on asking for more. For Marc, who has spent 25 years in the music industry and produced more than ten albums, gauging people’s reaction was not difficult and he ensured that they were entertained to the core.  

“I was attracted to music as a kid. Whenever I heard a song, I used to repeat the lyrics to my friends. I started playing guitar on my own when I was around eight years. Later, music became my hobby as well as profession,” he explains.

Marc has been performing in major cities of India as part of his collaboration with Sapphire Creations, Kolkata. “I came in touch with Sudarshan Chakravorty of ‘Sapphire Creations’ in 2009 and we came out with the idea of presenting a contemporary dance along with guitar strumming. It provided me an opportunity to tour all of India,” he informs.

What does he feel about the Indian audience? “I am impressed by the cultural awareness of the audience here. Many times, people discuss about the music immediately after the show. I am surprised by their in-depth knowledge,” he exclaims. 

 Talking about his albums, Marc says that Expressive Rain is close to his heart. “I  perform Expressive Rain very often. I have all the freedom and comfort here.

Moreover, Expressive Rain fascinates me for its magical and dramatic
elements,” says Marc who regards each performance as a challenge.

This is Marc’s fourth visit to India and he has observed the changes happening with the passage of time. “I noticed India is changing drastically. Traffic is increasing day by day and shopping malls are popping up everywhere,” he feels.

Of all the cities in India, Marc likes Bangalore a lot. “I feel very comfortable here. Bangaloreans are friendly. I consider it to be a Western City in India for its cosmopolitan nature and advancement in technology,” he concludes.