Dhruv hits the front with four wins

He posted a 415-359 win over Akaash Ashok Kumar of Karnataka in his opening encounter and followed it with a 425-375 thrashing of local lad Girish Gaba. In the next two matches, Dhruv put aside TN’s Shabbir Dhankot 409-395 and West Bengal’s Dilbir Singh 426-380 to brighten his chances of booking a quarterfinal berth.

Results: Group A: Dhruv Sarda (Del) bt Akaash Ashok Kumar (Kar) 415-359; Abhishek Maheshwari (Kar) bt Girish Ashok Gaba (Kar) 374-337; Shabbir Dhankot (TN) bt Swapna Mitra (Kar) 405-310; Dilbir Singh (WB) bt Huned T Khokhar (Kar) 334-331; Huned bt Akaash 373-363; Dilbir bt Swapna 411-355; Shabbir bt Abhishek 388-347; Dhruv bt Girish 425-375; Dilbir bt Abhishek 435-424; Akaash bt Swapna 371-360; Girish bt Huned 367-287; Shabbir bt Dhruv 409; Girish bt Swapna 364-327; Shabbir bt Huned 349-281; Dhruv bt Dilbir 426-380; Akaash bt Abhishek 387-326.

Points: Dhruv Sarda (8) 1, Dilbir Singh (6), Shabbir Dhankot (6).

Group B: Vijay Punjabi (Kar) bt Tarun Ganesh (TN) 448-342; Parvez Ahmed (Kar) bt Prathik Vijan (Mah) 371-355; Shashi Kumar (Kar) bt NP Singh (Del) 403-339; Prathima Hegde (Kar) bt Dinesh Kumar (TN) 346-341; Vijay bt Dinesh 416-399; NP Singh bt Prathima 456-331; Prathik bt Shashi 431-360; Parvez bt Tarun 409-357; Prathima bt Prathik 435-367; NP Singh bt Vijay 439-353; Dinesh bt Parvez 376-397; Tarun bt Shashi 398-397; Parvez bt NP Singh 434-422; Shashi bt Dinesh 383-338; Prathima bt Tarun 417-351; Vijay bt Prathik 414-361.

Points: Vijay Punjabi (6) 1; Parvez Ahmed (6) 2; Prathima Hegde (6) 3.

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