Youth vent ire against move to demolish darga

Youth vent ire against move to demolish darga

Youth vent ire against move to demolish darga

Deputy Commissioner Dr N S Chennappa Gowda had convened meet involving Muslim leaders and the Darga Administrative Committee to discuss about the removal of the shrine. Tense situation prevailed as youth from various parts of the town gathered in front of the darga as a mark of protest. All shops near the darga and the burial ground remained closed and the district administration deployed more police force at the spot to prevent untoward incidents.

Darga Committee Member Shafi and other leaders appealed the youth not to resort to any violence and urged them to maintain harmony in the town. However, youth demanded the leaders to seek information from the Deputy Commissioner with regard to the decision on the darga. Community Leader Yousuf Haji said that all should unite to find solution to the issue. “No untoward incidents should take place in the town at any cost,” he added.

The matter will be discussed with the Deputy Commissioner, he said adding, “let us collect funds to purchase the government land if required.”

City Municipality Member Sharif, Jaya Karnataka Organisation District President Anil Kumar and others appealed the people to unite for the development of the city.

‘It is legal’
Former Minister and Congress Minority Unit State President C R Sageer Ahmed urged that the darga, which has the official documents, should not be demolished.

“The khabrastan (burial ground) of the darga, which has licence from the City Municipality, was built in two-and-a-half acres of land about 200 years ago. A road was provided for the public transportation,” he told reporters.

The Court had directed the district administration to remove illegal religious structures. Hence, the burial ground, which was built in 1892, should not be removed, he said adding, “we will send documents related to the burial ground to Ministers and Secretaries.”

DC speaks
“We have identified three spots, where religious structures were built illegally on road sides, at N R Pura and Chikmagalur towns. The Court has directed us to remove structures before December 31. We had already discussed the issue with the religious leaders,” said Deputy Commissioner Chennappa Gowda.