City hotels found selling stale food

The hotels - Prabha International Hotel and Aishwarya Andhra Style Resto-Bar - were found guilty of storing old and stale meat in the freezers.

Manjunath Reddy, Chairman of the Committee, said, at Prabha International Hotel, the meat stored was so old that it had stuck to the freezer and fungus had grown on it.Also, the hotel had converted the mandatory parking area in the basement into a party hall, in violation of building bye-laws.

A notice has been issued to the hotel and food samples have been collected by the local medical officer of the BBMP and the food inspector for laboratory tests.

At Aishwarya Andhra Style Resto Bar, mutton dishes were found to be stale. The Committee has collected food samples from here too and sent them for laboratory tests. The panel members also visited a garment factory on Tumkur Road, following complaints that it was releasing effluents without proper treatment. However, they found a perfectly working effluent treatment plant at the factory.

It was noticed that the treatment plant was of 240 HP capacity. But the factory had obtained licence for a plant of 40 HP capacity. The committee recommended that notice be issued to the factory and dues recovered, as per the charges levied for a 240 HP plant.

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