Shoddy work hits drainage project

The construction project progressing at a snail’s pace has led to the encroachment of the narrow road that extends from Kadirenahalli Cross to Sagar Hospital, which runs along the Cauvery Pipeline.

Both sides of the road have been dug up and the soil is dumped on the 30-ft wide road, further constricting the space. Also, iron rods used in the construction of drainage are left uncovered posing danger to civilians.

“ Moreover, the shoddy work is leading to accidents,” said Madhura, a resident.
The project which started on November 26, 2009 was set to have been completed by March this year.

The local Corporator H Suresh blamed the overflow of drains as the reason behind the delay. Even, the heavy rains hindered the work, he added.“If there is any further delay in the completion of the project, the BDA will take action against the contractor,” said a BDA officer.

Opposition to the drainage project by Thimme Gowda, a resident, who fears the project would cause damage to the foundation of his old house, is also hampering the work, said BDA officers.

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