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ECE’s technical engineering programmes

Paris-based ECE Graduate School of Engineering has launched three new graduation options — Transport & Mobility, Energy & Environment, Health Care & Technologies. The Master’s degree in engineering will train students in information systems, embedded systems, telecommunications and networks.

“These theories are essential in offering efficient energy solutions — be it for urban mobility, housing or medical supervision of patients,” says Laurent Hua, director — academic and international development, ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering.
The first batch of graduates, after completion of the Masters’ programme, will graduate in the summer of 2011. About 10 Indian students are currently attending the engineering programme at ECE.

Courses at ECE are funded by French multinationals, Regional Council of Paris, and the French Embassy. The scholarship from the Regional Council of Paris is 10,000 euros per year for expenditure, apart from tuition fees. The French Embassy scholarship is about 620 euros a month. 

The French MNCs also pay students/ engineers a stipend during the two-year programme, which varies from company to company. ECE also awards scholarships of 3,000-5,000 euros to students. The programmes are taught by professionals from Alstom, Areva, Cap Gemini, Peugeot and Renault.

The three optional programmes at ECE have been created to cater to specific future needs of the society, say faculty members. According to ECE, transport and mobility is crucial. With the urban population reaching the threshold of 50 per cent of the world population, mobility in the urban environment could become a challenge, it feels.

The programme at ECE promises to address the need for efficient and secure transport solutions, thrifty in energy and greenhouse gases. Apart from passenger information, their comfort and security, rationalisation of urban and inter-urban transport networks, control and prediction of traffic are issues for which new technology is of high importance.
The predictable growth and number of individuals in need of assistance is considerable and could require an extensive revamp of the health system worldwide. ECE has come out with an option titled ‘Health Care & Technologies – from digital hospitals to telehealth’, which deals with the harmonisation of information systems and health networks and the development of tele-health, particularly in countries where hospitals are almost non-existent.

ECE welcomes 2,000 students and is dedicated to its mission of training generalist and operational IT engineers with a strong scientific knowledge so that they can adapt to future technologies, know how to deal with economic realities and choose a professional attitude in order to efficiently evolve within institutions, corporate entities and at national/ international levels.

ECE will soon sign a memorandum of understanding with the Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani (BITS Pilani). Gayatri Tilak, Pune Vidyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering says, “The internship at Peugeot Citroen gave me an overview of the way companies work in France, which is very different from my previous experience in Indian companies.”

Her mission was to develop a software application for sales employees around the world and for this she had to speak with sales-clerks of different countries (Mexico, Ukraine, Slovenia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Argentina and Algeria) to understand their requirements.

Suresh Nandi

Seat for single girl child in DTU

In an initiative to denounce female feticide and encourage single girl child within families, Delhi Technological University (DTU), formerly Delhi College of Engineering, has decided to earmark one seat over and above the sanctioned intake in all its undergraduate engineering programmes, for single girl child in a family.

The Academic Council of the university took this decision, which will be applicable on all the 14 BTech courses of the university from the academic session starting 2011 and thus, 14 seats will be made available for single girl child. However, the eligibility criteria for admission for female students falling under this category will be the same as for other students and admissions will be granted on the basis of merit.

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