Buddha rebuts PC charges

But he said efforts are being made to contain the spurt in senseless killings in the state.
Bhattacherjee took strong exception to some remarks made by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram in his letter to the chief minister. Bhattacherjee took umbrage at Chidambaram for using the word “harmad” (hired killers) and slamming the government for lacking the perspective for an impartial overview of the state.

Interestingly, the chief minister, while sending his rebuttal to Chidambaram, neither denied nor supported the home minister’s contention that there is evidence to show that “Harmad camps are mostly located in CPM party offices and houses of local CPM cadres.” While admitting that it “is not a happy situation,” Bhattacharjee said he is trying his best to stop the senseless killings. And without mentioning the CPM or the opposition Trinamool Congress, Bhattacharjee went on to state that he is trying to disarm all the armed groups.

In fact, Chidambaram’s letter had also asked the state government to disarm CPM cadres. 

“Your assessment of the situation in the state is surprising and far from an impartial overview of the situation,” Bhattacherjee countered in his communication to Chidambaram.
 Copies of Bhattacherjee’s letter to Chidambaram were made available to the media here.

“I strongly object to your using the word ‘harmad’ to describe the CPM workers without knowing the actual meaning of this ‘nasty’ word coined by Trinamool Congress leaders,” Bhattacherjee said.

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