Sand filtering unabated in Bangarpet

Units move in from banks of rivers to roadsides

The filtering units that were restricted to the outskirts of the city till now, now have cropped up on roadsides.

Huge piles of filtered sand are a regular feature in places like Pakarahalli, Kooteri, Lakshmisagara and surrounding villages.

Filtering of sand not only minimises the soil fertility but also adversely affect the pH value in water.  The units are run with the help of submersible pumps which require power supply.

The power lines are drawn illegally to facilitate the units but the officials seem to be in deep slumber to act upon it, complain the residents here.

From riverside to roadside

“Soil was filtered on the river banks but now, they are done on roadsides too to help in transporting them,” said a resident of the village.

“It is unfortunate that water resources are exploited for sand filtering. But it is equally sad to know that officials are doing little to prevent these resources,” observe the residents in the region.

The residents urged Tahsildar, officials of police, revenue, mines and geology and Bescom officials to prevent sand filtering.

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