Living in luxury

Living in luxury


Looking for a lavish gift for yourself this festive season? How about a tub to sink in with gushing hot-water jets invigorating your tired muscles? Get a jacuzzi. No more driving to a spa! Do away with stress right at home.  A hot feature in hotels, hospitals and homes the world over, the whirlpool-bathtub not only bolsters fitness but also provides quality leisure-time. Though first conceived for therapeutic purposes, the ingeniously-improvised bathtub today symbolises a luxurious lifestyle.

An electric pump circulates the water through the tub’s piping and underwater jets.
Having one pump for every 20 jets ensures adequate power-supply. Each jet’s venturi directs air into the water. The jacuzzi’s whirling hot-water drives away muscle-spasms, arthritis, backache, stiffness, sprains, fatigue or stress. But, remember, it’s no substitute for medication. It can only ably complement it. It can also spice up your life with some romance. Have fun throwing parties with your jacuzzi playing host. 

Added pleasures like LED mood lighting, water-level-monitoring sensors and plasma screens with floating remote controls, stereo options and auxiliary MP3 jacks for iPods enhance the jacuzzi experience!

For cleanliness freaks

Those obsessed with cleanliness can incorporate the ozonator system, a disinfecting agent that considerably cuts chemical usage.  Living in a rented or leased house that rules out permanent installations? Feel permanent models are too expensive? Go for portable jacuzzis! These cost relatively lesser and can accommodate upto four people. You can easily inflate one outdoors on a level bed, supplying water with a garden hose.  Though different options are available, the classic acrylic material is preferable owing to its sheen, non-porosity and fade/stain-resistance. Hot-tub sizes range from single to multiple persons’ accommodation. Though expensive, well-established and internationally-reputed brands assure durability and a hassle-free performance.

Enlist a qualified plumber and electrician’s help for jacuzzi-installation, especially the indoor model. For both indoor and outdoor types, a proper drain entrance, adequate power-supply outlet and a solid surface to rest upon are required. For an outside deck location, only a solid frame system is necessary.

For a ground location, a foundation system’s an additional requisite. Make sure the floor’s level and can support the tub’s weight.  Using jacuzzi covers prevents mishaps with children running around at home. Covers also keep water warm longer. Used on outdoor jacuzzis, they decelerate chlorine evaporation while keeping dust, bugs or leaves off the water.  The downside? The obese MRP, high-maintenance effort and expenses. A microbe-nurturing tub can afflict you with airborne diseases! So, chemicals to keep bacteria, viruses, microbes, algae and fungi at bay are rudimentary requisites.

Allow jacuzzi use by only healthy family-members or friends. Run your spa pump and filter for at least eight hours daily to circulate the water, keeping it clean.

Check daily if chlorine, bromine and PH are at recommended levels. Fill your spa with cold water after every use and run the jets for ten minutes to flush stains, scales, oil, grease and grime away. 

Once a week, add an anti-foaming agent to the tub’s water. If hard water’s supplied, weekly use of an anti-scaling chemical banishes calcium deposits. Fully drain, clean and refill your tub once in three months.

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