One Snowy Night

 On Christmas Eve, Little Johnny went to bed
After his bedtime story, that his mother read.
Johnny had high expectations of exotic toys
As Santa only gave them to good girls and boys.
And as Johnny's eyelids slowly began to close
And the only noise heard was that of him breathing from the nose
Along came Santa, everyone's favourite old man
In his reindeer- pulled- sleigh. Not some ordinary van.
But poor  Santa Claus had become rather old
And couldn't see well through the mist in the cold
Down went Santa, he fell to the ground
 Johnny was shocked, when he looked through his window and Santa he found
Little Johnny rushed down the staircase
At a zooming pace
To help Santa Claus to his feet
And then bring him inside for some heat.
But Alas! Santa had broken his bone
And the doc in  North Pole wasn't picking up his phone
So, Santa requested Johnny to pay heed
As he told Johnny to help him do the-giving-out-gifts deed
Johnny was thrilled
With joy, he was filled.
And as Little Johnny got ready to go
Santa did one of his famous "HO HO HO".
All through the night, they delivered the presents
Some to the rich and some to the peasants.
And Johnny wanted this moment to pause
And sit forever with Santa Claus.
 Dheeya Shetty, Grade 7, NAFL

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