A village far, far away...from development

A village far, far away...from development

A village far, far away...from development

The village, inhabited by people belonging to the Banjara community, is spread over small hills and has no basic amenities. What the people have are only empty promises made by the elected representatives, officials and leaders, who harp about plans drawn up for the development of the village.

Promises, not facilities
For past several years the promises have failed to materialise. The residents have been deprived of even the government schemes and benefits launched for their welfare.
The village can only be reached by travelling 4  km from Timmampalli in Goluru hobli. There are no alternative routes to reach the village.

Most of the people in the village are illiterate. Many of them migrated to cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolar in search of employment. Those who have stayed back have taken up rearing of sheep, goat and cow to eke out a living.

Little earning, small huts
Most of the residents live in dilapidated huts due to their meagre earnings. The inhabitants live in constant fear as the huts can collapse any time. The absence of proper drains has led to drainage entering the mud roads and polluting the surroundings. The lack of toilets has forced the people to defecate in the open, polluting the environment further.

The road leading to Tanda from Timmampalli was constructed during the tenure of G V Srirama Reddy, the CPI district unit secretary and former MLA. He was also responsible for the lone KSRTC bus service to the village.

Apart from KSRTC buses no other buses ply to the village. The situation is so bad that there is no alternative transport service even for medical emergency.

Election visits
“We are extremely poor and belong to the weaker section of the society. The politicians visit us only during election and promise development. However, none of the turns up after the elections,” the residents complained.The elected representatives and officials have limited themselves to urban areas. Sadly, the village lacks a good leader who have solve the problems, said resident Lakshman Naik.