Depicting Lord Krishna through canvas

‘Krishna Pratista’ was one of the rare occasions where numerous artists played with colours to reincarnate the charming mischievous Lord Krishna in Udupi. The painting expo was organised by Shiroor mutt to enable the artists of coastal Karnataka to paint various postures of Lord Krishna on the canvas with shades. If one of the paintings depict Kaalingamardhana Krishna on the canvas, another painting portrays him of playing with gopikas. He becomes a toddler of ardent guru Madhwacharya in one picture, while he is shown as the mischievous son of mother Yashodha through the painting brushes in another picture. Every painting displayed in ‘Krishna Pratista’ tell the tales of Krishna. There were 16 ideas conceptualised on the canvas exclusively portraying Lord Krishna in the rainbow of colors.

Speaking to City Herald, Paryaya Shiroor mutt seer Sri Laxmivaratheertha Sripada said that the mutt always supports art related activities. “Once again Krishna has been celebrated in Udupi within the four sides of canvas,” he said.

Artist Vishweshwar Parkala said, “spiritualism is a very unique style employed to reach out for art buffs. When art is merged with spiritualism, it evokes emotional binding among the viewers,” he opined.   

P N Acharya, Vishweshwar Parkala, Vasanth Rao, P R Bhat, Shekhar Alevoor, Upadhyay Modubelle, Shyam, Ramesh Bantkallu, Sujendra Karla, Jyothi Rao, Yashoda, Gopi Heerebettu, Ravi Heerebettu, Sunil Kumar, Rajendra Trasi, Gopalkrishna were the artists who gambled with shades to bring out Lord Krishna in his diverse appearances.

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