Merrymakers go gaga as clock strikes 12

Almost all the pubs, restaurants and entertainment centres in and around the City had been engaged, while many of the function halls enthralled spectators with orchestras. The MG Road wore a spectacular look, illuminating with colourful lights and stars. Many hotels in City had organised New Year parties (of course the entry fee too was quite hefty in the range of Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 per person on an average). As the clock struck 12, celebrations broke out in the Port city and several buildings and streets of Mangalore vibrated with the sound of rocking music and the lightning crackers.

In M G Road as well as K S Rao Road, people danced in groups, they sang, jumped, cheered and celebrated the joy in whichever way they could express. A few entertainment centres had also conducted several competitions for the participants, like best couple, best costume, best dancer and so on, which added glamour to the night.

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