Bright future for Ajay

Most things happen to us when least expected and who better to second this than Ajay Singh Chaudhary, who is currently doing the hit series Palampur Express. Ajay was all set to become a doctor after clearing his medical exams in Meerut, but while waiting for the results, he took part in some modelling contests and won. And there was a complete change of course, and Mumbai beckoned.

He had a very successful innings with Anurag Basu’s Love story first and then Kumkum. Says the actor, “In two months of me coming to Mumbai, I was offered Love Story and then there has been no looking back. I just thank God for showering his blessings on me. My film Let’s Dance has just released as well. I have also completed another movie, which again happened by chance.”

Ask him about his future plans and he mentions, “I have assisted on my sets many times, and as soon as I get satisfied that I have achieved what I wanted to as an actor, I will get into direction and hopefully will direct a film.” Well, till then let’s enjoy the cute, dimpled boy make a run for it in Palampur Express. 

Challenging terrains

Deep in the heart of Alaskan wilderness, the Iditarod trail plays host to the last great race. More than a thousand miles of icy tundra and arctic wasteland lie between the Alaskan cities of Anchorage and Nome. Jagged mountain ranges, dense alpine forests and windswept coastlines make the route between these two towns some of the most challenging terrains in the world.

Through this competition, Toughest Race On Earth : Iditarod, 96 teams will attempt to traverse more than a thousand miles of most inhospitable terrain on the planet with 16 finely tuned dogs as an engine. For some, the goal is to win, for others surviving would be a feat all its own. The show airs on Discovery Channel at 10 pm on July 9.

Marine blings

Discovery Travel and Living gets up, close and personal with people who ride in high-end recreational vehicles, step aboard multi-million dollar yachts, live in five-star hotels, holiday on the most exclusive beaches and eat the best food money can buy.

This episode of Super Swank, airing on July 9 at 10 pm, brings the ultimate status symbol for those with mega money — Mega Yacht. Get on board the world’s most luxurious maritime mansions to meet the people who design them to meet the people who design them and the millionaires who buy them. From songwriter Denise Rich’s Lady Joy to the newly christened Mine Games, this marine bling will blow you away.