Winter witnesses 30 per cent rise in respiratory infections

Winter witnesses 30 per cent rise in respiratory infections

Although, people keep themselves warm during winter, low temperature creates a conducive environment for viruses to survive. The respiratory tract is the most common route for the viruses to enter the body.

Dr Aravinda Jagadeesha of Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Hospital said that many of his patients, who were diabetic, came with symptoms of respiratory tract infection rather than coming for diabetic check up. Even though 10-20 per cent of the patients with co morbid conditions usually developed pneumonia in this season, there was about a 10 per cent increase.

Agreeing with him, Dr Shashikant of St Martha's Hospital said that many patients came with bronchial pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), bronchial asthma, etc.
"Most of the respiratory infection cases are from Chickpet and Balepet area because of high pollution levels," he said.

Paediatric cases
A 25 per cent increase from previous years was observed in the incidence of children suffering from respiratory problems, said Dr Karthik Nagesh, president of Indian Academy of Paediatric, Bangalore.According to a study conducted by Dr H Paramesh, director of Lakeside Hospital, 45-50 per cent of outpatient cases had respiratory infection with around 8-10 per cent suffering from persistent cough.

Around 30 per cent also have wheezing along with cough. "The cold dry air causes nose and throat irritation in children. Even asthma gets exaggerated in winter," he said.

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