'Love makes me feel complete'

'Love makes me feel complete'

Reflecting reality

'Love makes me feel complete'

Hot: A scene from Mirch.

Vinay says that his film celebrates womanhood and was inspired by a Panchatantra tale.
Mirch's narrative is of a film within a film, where the writer intertwines four stories to prove his point.

Mirch is about the gender equality in a relationship; and at a still deeper level, it is about how an artist finds creative freedom in today’s mercantile world. Vinay, the director says,
“I wonder why women must succumb to societal pressures and kow tow to them. Why is  that women cannot be vocal about love. Why is it that a woman’s sexuality is
questioned?”  Vinay shot to fame with his film Godmother which won him six national awards.

It’s a realistic story where he combined the nuances of good cinema within the popular narrative form.

Vinay later experimented with different styles of story conception, screenplay formats and dialogue construction in his other films such as Satyamev Jayate, Ramjaane, Virasat.

“Any film made with utmost conviction and honesty will click among the people,” says Vinay. He has packaged the concept of love in a very strong way in Mirch. It is subtle yet very volatile, “Love, for me, is the only emotion that makes one feel complete.”

He explains that the woman in the movie is caught red-handed with her lover by her husband and yet, she manages to wriggle out of the situation.  Commenting about Toonpur Ka Superhero which is the first Bollywood movie to club animation and real characters, Vinay says, “We’re lagging behind. Hollywood experimented with this long ago and we’re catching up only now. Cinema gives room for wide scope and imagination,” he says.

To Vinay, cinema explores all subjects including music, art, love – he says there’s nothing that is untouched by cinema. “It must reflect reality and  real stories are exciting,” he sums up.